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A friend told me to travel to Oman and if I’m honest, I said yes, not sure of its location on the map.  But it is true that I am in love with the Middle East and Muslim leaving aside certain customs that respect although in accordance with that case, I do not agree, I have to say that where most entertainment I’ve found has always been in the Middle East and sorry if others do not share this idea.  Apart from the above, is a country where you will spend the desert the mountains, the sea to the wadis, modernity Muscat to the tradition of some inland towns.

In short, a whole range of diversity. Hidden in the Middle East have not yet received hordes of tourists, for my jewel, the latter, another of its charms.  I leave some tips if you think by visiting this wonderful country
The best time to visit  is between November and mid-March, when the average daily temperature is 25 ° Celsius. Out of this, during the summer, the heat can cause excruciating journey.  For the south a good time can still be September, once the rainy season ends and where the predominate color in the landscape will be green . intense  If you intend to spend a night in the desert, take winter clothes, because at night temperatures drop drastically. –
I came to Oman by bus across the border from the UAE.  Tickets cost around 12 euros. There are several companies that make the daily commute. I bought the ticket the day of my arrival in Dubai.  Around Muscat to Dubai made by plane, 45-minute flight with  Fly Dubai , a low-cost airline based in the UAE.
It is preferable to rent a car with unlimited mileage.  If you are thinking of renting a 4×4, I will say it depends on what you want to do. If you intend to visit most of the major attractions including Wadi Shab and Jebel Shams these are accessible in a utilitarian and also the roads are very good and with little traffic and signs in both Arabic and English.  now, if you’re looking to break out of the typical path, a 4×4 will give more freedom and will get to those places that is most comfortable. I speak for example of Jebel Akhdhar and some wadis as Wadi Bani Auf or Wadi Kharrous.  On the other hand if you go camping, you’ll get out of the way and reach a place that will offer more privacy. –  CONCLUSION: rent a car is the best option

In Muscat there are several large shopping malls such as Carrefour where you can buy camping equipment or if you need any other supplies for the journey, as food and water.

Oman is an Islamic country, where most women wear burka, so we must take this into account when dressing, especially if you’re female, covering shoulders, knees and visiting mosques also cover our head and skirt heels.  Precisely in Oman, as in other Muslim countries, it is customary must ask permission before taking photos of local people, especially women..

Reserve Ras al Jinz turtles .  is one of the turtle nesting areas in Oman.
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque , which is the most important of the Sultanate of Oman. get there early because for non-Muslims is open from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and no visitors are allowed on Friday.

Also in the famous Muscat  Al Bustan Palace , just outside, the lobby is simply spectacular and where you can grab a drink at a reasonable price, but do not stay at this wonderful 5-star-luxury.
Old Muttrah . Here you can make purchases. remember that Oman is the country of incense and perfumes. Here the most expensive perfume in the world called Amouage occurs. It is possible to visit your factory and sales luck with a small sample in a boat. That’s something. Cruise on a traditional dhow through the fjords of Musandam .  If you’re in Khasab there are several agencies that organize it. I did a half day cruise that included sailing on a dhow to the island of Telegraph and a stop for snorkeling. Was also included dolphin watching and fruits and drinks during the trip. Highly recommended. I loved it. Diving in the Musandam peninsula . Jebel Harim . Hike the mountains.We hired the half day tour in the hotel as we had not a 4×4 to make the journey. Dhofar Region . Whose capital and Salalah which is especially spectacular when the arid mountains bordering such capital become green after the annual monsoon, there is known as Khareef. Al Ayn . A 37 km Bat, is a small village where you can visit some tombs from the time of Bronze.
Sur . This city, in addition to its own historical, and its pretty harbor and promenade, is perfect as a base for exploring the surrounding area. Jebel Akhdar. Located in Saiq known as Plateau, a vast expanse 2000 meters high, where there are many cultures that do not occur elsewhere. The problem is that access to Jebel 4×4, in fact there is a police checkpoint that filters access and if you do not have this type of car will make you turn around and you can not get to the top is needed.
Jabrin Fort .   the more than 500 strong spread throughout the country, this is one of the most spectacular. Not to be missed. Misfat to Abreyeen .  A village of adobe houses is known as one of the oldest in Oman and one has the feeling that stop just in time and makes you go back far back in history .

Nizwa .  Surrounded by the Hajjar mountains, is another city to consider and use as a base to explore the surroundings. A night in the desert, in the Wahiba dunes . Jebel Shams.  It is the highest mountain in Oman and very popular because here is known as  the Grand Canyon of Arabia. Wadi Bani Auf .  Rustaq This wadi joins Nizwa. The road is looking for intrepid unconventional routes and for that you need a 4×4.

By Sonia Arias


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