The Chains ,Wadi Hawasinah

Penultimate day of a 2 week stay in Oman has been planned spontaneously. Before the opening of the car door.  Added to the navigation system place marked in the guide as “The Chains” is about 250 km from Muscat. During the way there is a city of Al Ghizayn and on the left side we see interesting ruins of the fort.


GPS: 23 ° 38’34 “N 56 ° 50’28” E
Going on foot to reach the trail Chain. However, the place is without a doubt worth a visit. The route takes a bit of the old and then large boulders and water to reach the tiny cove with a waterfall. There are elements of fine climbing, pulling up under boulders or ride one of a few meters.
Interestingly, the stones that are in Chains (except those flooded) are not at all slippery, and even rate them holding up as dusted sorts! This wadi in my opinion requires a lot of fitness and ability to maintain balance. With a heavy backpack in several places it is difficult.
However, there is a lot of other beautiful wadi, less technically demanding, including the most famous – Wadi Ash Shab, Wadi Bani Awf Wadi Tiwi .
Khalid  Visible in the picture below is a resident of a nearby village about an hour’s drive away ravine from the asphalt. Just a few houses located on small hills in fear of the water, which during rainfall in Wadi can take in an amazing pace. Khalid like others on the road rally the residents do not speak English, but this does not prevent to offer help, use their experience in crossing successive stones and lead me to the end of the trail. Jumping from boulder to boulder like a mountain chamois knowing all the dangerous places on memory – small and sharp pebbles, slippery surfaces, deep water. When my shoe lands in the water, offering me his flip-flops. Seeing my disapproval of this idea leaves them in a place where lie my time and go barefoot. When you approach the huge boulders I give him a backpack to move the center of gravity to the front of the body, but on his return I long to ask. That’s not the desire of appropriating it yourself because of such behavior in Oman hard! After returning from the trail pulls up after us old Land Cruiser probably the father of Khalid and delivered to the left a few miles away, for the acute and long driveway  my car who bravely crossed the 10km stretch of the wadi only for vehicles 4 × 4.
Spent with me for two hours does not require a penny, but of course a little bit receive.
Thanks Khalid! 
Fotografia Szymon Zdziabek PP Studio