My Visit to Oman


I have a plan to visit all the capitals of the Gulf states? Anyway, I’m planning for it constantly and took advantage of opportunities to visit depending on the circumstances and the availability of timely, Alkhat visited repeatedly, Bahrain and more than once, and also Abu Dhabi, Muscat and Doha remained. At all times, looking for opportunities, for example, a training course in this Gulf city or those seized the opportunity and visit her.

Hence I got the right opportunity to visit the Sultanate of Muscat and what specifically, and more specifically the Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort located on the Gulf of Oman near the capital Muscat.

The story began when I was looking for a place to spend the time to relax and unwind after months of suffering, work and tests and multi-tasking, and overlapping, and also an opportunity to use the time before that Ehl we Ramadan reached God Almighty he Hsaamh and accepted by us, before pouring a torrent of tourists deportee final tests. It was myself assailed by an overwhelming desire to visit the Shangri La’s Barr Al Jissah since I saw a picture and I learned about it.

Searched for airlines direct to Muscat Bocdet two options, lines Oman and Saudi Arabia, you aspire experience lines Oman, but the times of flights with I daily flights did not suit us so much, midnight or dawn, do not inappropriate, and remained an option Saudi Arabian Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines going trip One weekly to Muscat, and certainly the lack of passengers, this impression many people when I talk to them about Oman and Muscat, Ghalib people visiting Salalah probably faces cold and nature of the picturesque, but I’m not a fan of this, do not want to leave the movement and tired and wandering here and there, I want something very comfortable the least amount of curfew, there were PE.YN one trip and I remember that plane to go back and was kind of Ambarir, the type is too small, but nice and light. This trip is suitable only very timely, taking off from Riyadh pm and be back in the eighth pm every day from Tuesdays. I put my trust in God and booked on board. The journey from Riyadh to Muscat about two hours, and I remember the intimate and the simplicity of Muscat International Airport, but it goes to services and shops striking, and is now being build an airport and it seems that the latest shift will happen, especially with the renaissance of Oman Air.

Shangri-La, is the name of the place fantastically mentioned in the novel is famous, I forgot the author, date of publication, perhaps in the nineties calendar, it is important that the owner of the Hotel Shangri-La, which is a company operating from Hong Kong chose to name the fictional contained in the novel, a place mixed in the worlds of the East and the desert as I recall Vtsna a world of fantasy, and the funny thing on this matter is that in the hotel room putting on the bed every night after a break wrote it arranged quotations from the novel, a nice idea, only to readers. I go back to the resort, the area’s Barr Al Jissah is located just 45 kilometers from Muscat Airport, which is an isolated area of the sea and overlooking the Sea of Oman, between the Arabian Gulf and the Arabian Sea, the resort is surrounded by big mountains forgot to ask about he called, but I remember that near the area or Mount named his sword, and other witty name, it is important that the resort is embraced by mountains on all sides and is quietly relaxing on the beach, azure sea.

after talking about the resort, its details, to mention a party to which I have engraved for Oman, Muscat and its people, markets and roads. Still in my mind the words of the Omani if turned a blind eye with him or take him or Oattah that tells you that beautiful floor: “Well done,” and they say, as they say Ghalib words lightly and kindness and clarity striking, calm the people of Oman and the spaciousness of their chests do not elude attention simple, I remember conversations drivers shuttle Buses and taxis, how he mixed Baltarafah calm and silence often. And remembered more than once modern messenger peace be upon him “that if  the people of  Oman  come, nor what Spock Dharbok. ” I also wish to place on record my admiration for the ambitious youth of Oman, where you see them working in every business in hotels and in taxis and restaurants, to accept it in a positive spirit remarkable and wonderful, what more I really liked in Amman is the people and their attitude and the way they talk and communicate and Odouhhm. God bless them and for them.

After that we Butna days at the resort, we know that they are organizing trips to Rzhisah landmarks in the city, which is Muttrah Souk and Muscat Grand Mall, as well as to Al-Zubair Museum, in addition to the Palace Square, Sultan Qaboos. And a desire to change and Alacetkchwe visited Muttrah Souk and Muscat Grand Mall. Here I would like to make it clear why I go to these places in coordination with the buses in the resort although the dates and nuisance link ups and down, the reason is the high mobility taxi cabs, I’m not sure of the reasons. In any case, the experience was. Before talking about the markets, I will talk about the Big Bus, which takes you to the city, this bus looks like a ship, actually, because it vibrates and Ertj like sailing on the water, was rising and falling between the mountains and the valleys Spaba in headache and nausea many Add to that the hottest sun and the heat, I was having headaches after this journey. But it is worth.  According to the resort’s Consumer services are limited, and may need to visit a supermarket nearby, like I did, there was a shopping center, even in a residential neighborhood near the resort, the neighborhood named the Grand Canyon and everyone they call the Grand Canyon, and in the valley, the way I learned that the resort staff live there.

I go back to the Muttrah Souk, the market is this old knew he was part of the old in Muscat is the excretory a port since ancient times until now, ships dock and comes with goods, and it was surprising that this traditional market is still practiced activity in the service of the people of the country in terms of spices, clothes and sweets Oman and tailors but not limited to foreign tourists who Tfatthm antiques and old things only. Forked market and consists of an open and roofed corridors and alleys and small shops on many aspects. I remember the smell and humidity Zjh because we are very close to the sea. Alther again was of Kashmiri goods sold there from scarves and rugs. Versus the market no excretory port and ship it saw Sultan, a large yacht moored safely. And near the market there are old buildings and Chaababeckha white painted heavenly. Resembling perfectly located in the center of Jeddah. The bus comes according to a regular schedule, hours of roaming throughout the afternoon and then return. Excretory market was very fun.
In the second day we decided to go to Muscat Grand Mall. , One of the largest and most modern markets in Muscat, l remembered, is subject to a cinema and restaurants, as well as many cafes. I do not remember that I saw shops selling international brands, Ali did not pay attention. But the overall atmosphere was very nice.I enjoyed sitting in the coffee shop that serves coffee and cake, and dealt with a delicious red velvet cake as they call it.
This is almost what I can remember about my trip to Oman, and of course


By Ali – from Kingdom of Saudia Arabia