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Trip to Ras Al Jinz

By Amazing Oman

Hi everyone, my Name is Sabine & I’m from Wiesbaden, Germany.

My friend and I spent 10 amazing days in the beautiful sultanate of Oman last year in November and I want to share with you the experience of a magical night: During our trip we stopped by Ras al Jinz to take the turtle tour at 4 in the morning. Unfortunately the guides told us that there were no turtels spotted at the beach that night so the whole tour got cancelled. While all the other tourists left the Reserve my friend and I asked the guides if we were allowed to go to the beach and watch the sunrise (a little consolation for getting up in the middle of the night :-)). Since we were equipped with flashlights the friendly staff gave us the permission to go. It was completely dark outside while my friend and I made our way to the beach. When we finally got there we set up a little picnic waiting for the sun to rise. As we were staring at the ocean and a pink sky, we spotted a man praying in the dunes behind us. Only a few moments later the man started screaming “Girls! Girls! Baby turtles! Baby turtles” A Little confused but extremely curious to find out what was going on there, we walked towards him and couldnt believe our eyes: BABY TURTLES! 6 beautiful baby turtles fighting their way through the sand. Completely amazed by this sight the guide picked up the babies and  asked us to bring them closer to the water. On our way to the ocean I couldn’t help but stare at the wonderful creature in my hand and smile. What a lovely experience. 

We placed the baby turtles on the sand just a couple of feet away from the saving water. The guide didn’t leave our side and so we stood there watching the babies crawl towards the sunrise. It was such a touching moment and I have to admit that we have shed a tear or two 🙂 Completely inspired we thanked the guide for sharing this moment with us and went back to our picnic sight, when he screamed again: “Girls! Girls! Mama Turtle!” And there she was: a huge green Mama turtle crawling towards the water leaving big traces in the sand. Who would have thought that we’d get to expierience the Omani wildlife in such a beautiful way. It still feels like someone wanted to bless us that night and that all of this happened just for us. This was truely a remarkable night and an experience we will never forget! THANK YOU OMAN! <3