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Student Biryani Oman

By Amazing Oman

 In October 1969 , it was a Sunny day  and Students were on their way ,returning to home , on Katrak road (Karachi, Pakistan ), stared at the sign  for the first time and it was “Café Student”,
Mr. Haji Muhammad Ali , at the age of around 40, was standing at the Stall with few plates and with a bucket full of aromatic , flavorsome rice – Called Biryani  and no one passing nearby to this stall could resist of tasting this Biryani.
It was the start of Café Student .from the humble beginning and to become a brand, then from a brand developing to a trend and from a trend to an icon.


Student Biryani’s network is progressing and Spreading word wide. It has also come to us here, in Sultanate of Oman and it has been made possible by Continuous and extreme hard work.
Student Biryani is located the heart of the MBD Ruwi area, Muscat.




MBD, Ruwi, Muscat
Contact no :  9848 2323
Website :
Email : [email protected]