Best places to visit in Salalah 2023


Top Salalah Tourist Places

Salalah is one of the most touristic places in the Sultanate of Oman during the Khareef season.
Dhofar is one of the 11 governorates of Oman and Salalah is the Capital City of the Dhofar Governorate but most people think and call the whole region of Dhofar as Salalah. This region is known for its beautiful beaches, and lush green mountains during the Khareef season and also known for its Cultural & Historical Sites.

If you are planning to visit Salalah during the Khareef Season 2023 then below are the Top sites and attractions for you.

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Best places to visit in Salalah 2023

Al Baleed Archaeological Site

Al Fazayah Beach

Al Forsan Horse Riding

Souly Ecolodge Salalah

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Al Hosn Palace

Anti Gravity Spot

Awqad Public Park

Ayn Athum

Ayn Garziz

Ayn Hamran

Ayn Khor

Ayn Razat

Ayn Sahalnoot

Drive to Sahlnoot Mountains

Ayn Tabroq

Nabi Hazrat Ayub Tomb Salalah Oman

Baobab Trees Salalah- Wadi Hinna

Bird Watching in Khor Rori

Burj Al Nahda

Darbat Waterfall

Wadi Darbat

Dharaiz Beach

Eftalqout beach

The Museum of the Frankincense Land

Haffa Beach

Haffa Coconut & Banana Market

Haffa Souq

Hawana Aqua Park

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Hazrat Imran A.S Tomb Salalah

Ittin Cave Park

Jabal Samhan

Hazrat Hood Tomb Salalah

Marneef Cave

Mughsail Beach & Blow Holes

Masood The Hidden Beach

Mirbat Beach

Mirbat Castle

Prophet Hazrat Saleh A.S Camel’s Footprint

Rub Ali Khali Desert – Best for stargazing in Dhofar


Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque Salalah

Sumhuram Old City

Taqa Castle & Fort

Taqah Beach

Tawi Attair Sink Hole

The Frankincense Trail Salalah