List of Commercial activities to be reopened


List of Commercial activities to be reopened announced on the official twitter account of Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources (MRMWR)

All the Commercial activities have to be opened following the health and safety regulations directed by the Oman Supreme Committee

Selling food Stuff
Food stores
Restaurants, cafes and mobile cafes (orders and delivery only)
Medical and veterinary clinics
Optical Shops
Petrol stations
Gas shops and transporters
Bakeries and bakery stores
Water factories and water stores
Halwa factories and Halwa stores
Food industries
Selling fodder, grains, agricultural materials and pesticides
Selling meat and poultry
Selling fish
Selling ice cream, corn, sweets, and nuts
Selling vegetables and fruits
Juices Shops,
Selling Mashkaks
Selling honey
Selling Dates
Animal and poultry farms
Shipping and customs clearance offices and insurance offices
Sale of fishing supplies
Vehicle repair workshops and fishing boat repair workshops
Sale of vehicle parts, shops selling fishing gear parts
Vehicle electricians, changing vehicle oils, repairing vehicle brakes, selling and repairing tires while permitting a maximum of two customers at the same time
Sale and repair of electrical and television broadcasting equipment
Selling, repairing and maintaining computers
Selling in specialized stores of stationery and stationery (libraries)
Printing presses
Sanad offices
Vehicle rental offices and equipment and machinery rental offices
Exchange companies and shops
Laundry Shops

The above list is translated by using Google Translator may differ with the original statement.