The Most Favorite Cars for Sale in Oman 2018


Oman is one of the largest automotive markets in the GCC, it is expected to grow by
approximately 7.5% per. Citizens of the sultanate seem to be looking for cars for sale
constantly, they enjoy driving luxurious cars and wouldn’t mind changing to newer
models. Many dealers are now selling new used cars because of that, the cars are
typically well- maintained with no more than five years of use. SUVs are very popular in
Oman, in fact, you will find more of them on the road than any other body styles and
that’s because they’re more sustainable and have more power, in addition to other
features as well.

Oman’s Most Favorite Cars for Sale
Two years ago, Nissan was awarded the prestigious ‘Most Popular Car Brand in Oman’
at the Oman Auto Excellence Awards 2016 ceremony. Since then, it went down to
second place in the list of the most favorite cars in Oman and Toyota dominated the first
while Hyundai came in third. Specifically, the Toyota Hilux is the most popular in Oman
as of 2018, the SUV has actually been voted favorite in 24 other countries around the
world. After which the Toyota Land Cruiser is a second favorite, so you can say that
Toyota has won the first and second places with 49.5% of sales, Nissan third with 19.2,
and Hyundai fourth 7.5 according to Statista.

Features Omani Citizens Look for in a Car
What made those brands the Omani’s favorites? There are a number of things that
people take into consideration when buying a car for sale. Including design, safety,
function, price, on-road performance, and others but perhaps the thing that made
Toyota reach the top of the list is the after-sales services which can either be a huge
advantage or disadvantage for any car brand.

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