Oman Dusty Days – Exploring Beautiful Oman on Mountain Bikes

Oman Dusty Days – Exploring Beautiful Sultanate of Oman on Mountain Bikes.
 There will be miles of miles  in Oman which have not been ridden on Bikes. This Sultanate of Oman has jaw dropping mountains , canyons untouched by the rubber.
This Mountainous Sultanate of Oman is a perfect  place for the Mountain Bikers  to make their dreams to Come TRUE .
Gerhard Czerner and  Bernhard Baumgartner  have recently explored Oman by Riding on their Mountain Bikes.


It was an Awesome and Adventurous journey with Breathtaking trail Bike rides even they went to Deserts on Bike and where they could not ride they lifted their bikes on Shoulders and started walking .
Watch this Adventure Mountain Bike Journey, video.