How to take a perfect Selfie

How to take a perfect Selfie.

Everybody wants to take an Amazing Selfie Photo and here are some very useful tips about how to take good and perfect selfies.

“Secrets of perfect selfies”

1.Backgrounds should be unique and impressive , your faces are beautiful but if background is beautiful  it will make your selfie more beautiful.
2. Try to get some friends or strangers involve in it , it helps in engaging your viewers and audience.
3. Try to maintain a balance between your face and camera , means it should not be too close nor too far.
4. Take picture first before taking your selfie , and adjust brightness , contrast, do every setting and use camera options, which can make picture perfect ,then with the same setting take your selfie.

5. Try to use camera which accepts gestures to take selfies instead of touching the camera or if You your camera doesn’t has this feature then no need to worry , you can use the camera timer to get ready in the meantime for taking Selfie Photo.
6. Be Creative , if any of the techniques or tips are not working perfectly in your atmosphere or conditions , then keep trying to take unique and amazing selfies.
Watch this video to learn more “How to take an Epic Selfie by Alex Chacon ”