Oman – a mountainous country but has a desert as well

Oman – a mountainous country but has a desert as well

For me it was a surprise that Oman – a mountainous country rather than desert. But here there is a desert too.
From Muscat, capital of Oman, to the Wahiba Sands desert ride for two hours. Landscapes around the dramatic, hills, mountains. Such amazing mountains I have not seen anywhere else! 

Oman was once the ocean floor – it’s easy to believe, looking at the hills and hillocks of 20-30 meters high, looking like a pile of sand on a construction site. 
Before you go to in sand, tire pressure should be lowered. I was struck by our guide that knew about it. We discussed with him the snow and how to drive on snow, drove up to the technical center, the tour guide began to explain that now is going to happen, but when I realized that I know what to do (I had read in the guidebook), exclaimed, “Eureka! You, when you need to go through the snow, doing the same thing! ” I had to disappoint him.

To go into the desert without a guide – a terrible nonsense. Navigate in the desert is difficult to drive on the sand requires special skills. 

The desert is not barren: the sands of growing huge number of plants and is found a sufficient number of all living creatures, to see that day, in the heat, as I understand it, is impossible. 
The sand is amazing! and is very clean . At the urging of the guide, I went barefoot in the desert.

Roads in the country are excellent, but the desert or mountains, nothing else you do not you will pass. Our guide, Saad, have a little ride on the sand – sand veil blanketed windows! 

In the picture you can see a few thermos of coffee – they are prepared for tourists. However, in any Omani house always ready thermos of coffee, because the guest is always welcomed to them. Coffee liquid, strong enough and aromatic with cardamom.

Here is the coffee-Oman: it is always served on a tray, a cup is always inverted. In the background you can see a bowl of water: it is to rinse the cup, or hands. Before the coffee is always served dates. If the coffee you do not want the cup to be returned to the owner, a little shaking. If you stretch it without making movements of coffee and you will add. 

it’s a rabbit! At first I thought that it seems to me!. And then I saw the second! Behind him is a third! It turned out, one of the sons loves rabbits, so the family keeps them for him. 

it is a scorpion. Yes, it is poisonous and deadly poison. He was caught here in the desert, almost home. Yes, I regretted not wearing fishing boots, going here (remember, I’m barefoot!). Yes, he was put in a jar and kept for the amusement of the guests. And to top it off we were told, crept up from behind and gently tickled his neck 

Here I am, the conqueror of the desert! Camel tall to ride on it, of course, it is not terrible, but when he rises from his knees, and you’re sitting on his back, then you need to stay well to suddenly it does not come loose. To do this, fasten the handle to the camel – I’m for it and hold on. 

By Daria Sirotina