Oman with the Costa Favolosa 2012

Oman with the Costa Favolosa 2012 
During 2011/12  cold of winter, we decided to escape the heat in, and after a long search, we were able to find the book a cruise company Costa from the Dubai to the Emirates and Oman,
as we have never been to Muscat city , Khasab, Abu Dhabi and Fujairah were this should be to discover a pleasant and comfortable way these cities.
A little later passed the terrible accident of the Costa Concordia, the cruise line then offered a free cancellation of the trip. Since an accident can happen anywhere we started on the journey, was on board of the accident nothing to remember except for a minute of silence. Furthermore, Iran threatened to block the Strait of Hormuz, which was twice on our route, but this has not yet been realized, and so we had a trouble-free cruise.
Our first stop was in Muscat, the capital of Oman. The ship did, however, in Muttrah on, once the center of the country, after the oil boom but this has shifted to Muscat:
But still living in Muttrah is more alive than at the center of nutmeg, a large and well-known Souk is located in the city center.
We went once to three kilometers away nutmeg and were surprised that we no hotels and no life on the streets but only government buildings, forts and palaces vorfanden here, we had imagined otherwise. Thus, the residence where he gave limited and we walked back to Muttrah, what local Arabic Food (fresh grilled fish) and then we went to the ship.


For me, the highlight of the trip. Khasab is an enclave north of the Emirates and belongs to Oman. We stayed on a single trip travel, a jeep safari into the fascinating world of mountains.
My fear we were squeezed in jeeps in masses had not arrived, four people shared a jeep, space was more than enough. Apart from that, the driver was a talker (constant dialogue: Look: a house, a house again, a house … a confusing story about a family who are all dead at the end and the house was closed, and a crash course in Arabic had no one understood), and thereby caused in me a fit of laughter (is also worth something) the scenery was great, of course, without much vegetation but worth seeing.
By Gerald Zinnecker