The Rock Garden – Duqm – Sultanate of Oman

Al Duqm is famous of its geological attractions for the world.
It’s known as the Rock Garden Duqm, also known as the Rock Zoo of Duqm , it’s a area of 3 square kilometer made of sand stones rocks and limestone , which  was created in an underground water aquifer around more than Forty Six million years ago.



It is situated around 550 Km away from Muscat  , in Wilayat Al Duqm – Al Wusta Region.
Rock Garden is a Great piece of nature’s Art work.
This Rock garden is full of anonymous rocks with different shapes , position , standing .Formed in unusual shapes  , rounds rocks, big piece of rock standing on a small piece of stone stand,
and some seem like statues of animals



This site is one of the top twenty five sites of Sultanate of Oman’s geological scientific importance
 .Among these rocks , small lizards – agama can we found there ,posing on the top of the rocks.
It’s Just simply Amazing , if you are an admirer of Nature’s art work , then you would love to visit it
To visit Rock Garden 4×4 is not necessary you can visit by your saloon car .

Location map of Duqm