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From meat to Shuwa

By Amazing Oman

Shuwa is a typical Omani dish and it’s preparation takes lot of physical effort .

According to different areas and regions of Oman , the Special Spice mix used for Shuwa , differs.

This spice mix is used to marinate meat.  This mix contains mostly with coriander  , cumin, red pepper , turmeric ,  garlic, cardamom and vinegar

Banana leaves are used to wrapped the meat after marinating it .
After  it the wrapped meat is packed in the bag .
The bag used for it is made & woven of Palm leaves ,
 and then the same bag is further packed with a thin metal net , lining.
Then these sacks are placed in HOT underground clay oven pit . The wood used for this oven is from a special Tree , named SUMR. Which is considered ideal for Shuwa.


After  placing sack in Oven ,  it is covered and sealed completely .
Meat is cooked for 24 Hrs or for max of 48 Hours . It is Believed that  the more the time used for cooking makes the Taste more better .