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Al Fahal Island

By Amazing Oman

Al Fahal island also known as Shark Island is an small island located at a distance of 4km at the north of PDO Club – Ras Al Hamra,Muscat
It takes approx 10 minutes to reach there. The total area of this Island is just 2.24 km2 .It is composed of millions of years old limestone , which was a part of sea floor.

This Island came above the sea level due the changes in sea level. It’s surrounding and sea area is best for Scuba Diving ,Snorkeling and deep sea divers.





Schools of fish are often found in and around the corals and reefs , there are various species, shapes and colours If You are lucky can see whale sharks swimming by around it .It’s an Excellent place for snorkeling and diving.




Location of Al Fahal Island ( Shark Island ) also known as Jazirat Al Fahl