Thanks to Salalah

From Muscat, we decided to travel in bus transport to Salalah and it was a 12 hour travel. It was July during the (Eid holidays) in Muscat and monsoon season in Salalah. 
 When we reached the Salalah border cross it was raining and misty but really comfortable. We stayed at our relative’s home. What i found there by first site was Salalah is really a beautiful tourist destination a human should visit before he dies. We stayed there for 3 days covering most of the tourist’s spots. 




The funniest thing is we always had a map which is prepared by our relative. That map helped us finding the correct routes towards each and every spot, our sincere thanks to him. 





Greenery is the attracting factor of Salalah, people like me who are from India, especially Kerala would try their maximum to be in Salalah at the monsoon season. Because Kerala is blessed with greenery and rains. 



As a Muslim i should say that Salalah is a holy place too, i could visit many tombs of great people who lived in Salalah. 



Now the visit to the extraordinary beach, Al Mughsail beach was awesome.  we just felt wonderful there. We cannot find a beach like that in Oman. It was really unique in each and every feature. 











Same as above, the place named Darbat was an awesome place filled with greenery, lake, don’t know how to describe actually





Places like magnetic point, sand dunes, Zeek, like that almost all the places are a lifetime memories for us. And the traditional food, we had tasted most of the food verities. Likewise there are alot things to remember but don’t know how to describe it beautifully.
Thanks to Salalah 🙂