Beautiful Sultanate of Oman


My name is Shou , from China . During my Middle East tour, I have visited Sultanate of Oman, it’s a Beautiful Country and that’s why I have given this a title BEAUTIFUL SULTANE OF OMAN.
During my visit have visited many places near to Muscat, Oman but the major  and what I remember and liked will  mentioned here .

The very first  place I visited  was Muttrah  kornish ,  it’s a beautiful site located near seashore , Port is there  , and traditional market knows as Muttrah Souq.
Almost on every roundabout here in Oman very attractive thing are created, one it is near Kornish . Traditional pots with water flowing from them .

Near to it, there is an Al Riyam park , Beautiful park and there Is a tower from where you can view the Seaside and nearby sites from the Height.
Then moved further towards Al Alam Palace, very nice beautiful and tidy place, its open for Public visit.
Who ever comes to muscat must visit Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. Inside the mosque , the world’s largest Persian carpets covers the floor .
There a lot of Castles built during ancient times in Oman.Visited to Nakhal and went to Fort and the Beautiful Valley too.